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Welcome to the cement blog, perhaps the most interesting part of the site where cement science goes slightly less formal - this is jeans, tee-shirts and walking boots territory!

The pages in the main part of the site contain information that is, to the best of my knowledge, published, peer-reviewed and widely accepted.

In this blog there's cement science, but not necessarily peer-reviewed. For example, I describe experiments I've carried out. If it says "Blog" in red at the top of the page, just be a bit cautious! There may even be some opinion, anecdote and whimsy.

Over time, there should be something for everyone, with items on cement production, hydration, concrete, deleterious processes, cement history, analytical techniques and maybe some other stuff.

Many are short "mini-pages" although some are longer - just scroll down below and click on the links.

Note that new pages added to the articles in the site will also appear in the list below, so not everything listed here is a "Blog" item.

Zero carbon cement by electrochemical synthesis

Hcell gif movie

A pathway to zero carbon cement: Review, Ellis et al: Toward electrochemical synthesis of cement

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ASR Video 1

Image of Understanding Cement book

An over-the-shoulder look at ASR in concrete as seen using the SEM.

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Book Review - Alkali-Aggregate Reaction in Concrete: A World Review

AAR World Review Book Cover

The UC review of "Alkali-Aggregate Reaction in Concrete: A World Review" edited by Iam Sims and Alan Poole.

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Experiment Suggestion Form

Suggest an experiment with cement for the Understanding Cement blog

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Fine limestone in cement

Image of Understanding Cement book

Essential viewing for anyone with technical oversight of cement manufacturing, concrete mix design/production or concrete petrography: video of experiment to test fine limestone reactivity in cement.

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Measuring mortar porosity

Demonstrates the measurement of mortar porosity using SEM backscattered electron imaging.

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Estimating the water-cement ratio of hardened concrete

Describes a method of estimating the water-cement ratio of hardened concrete using SEM images of polished sections of reference pastes.

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EN 197-1:2000 Cement Calculator

screenshot of cement calculator

Cement calculator in spreadsheet format for EN 197-1 cements.

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Glenfinnan Viaduct

Glenfinnan viaduct sweeping arches

Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland: the world's first mass concrete structure?

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Mesocrystals and concrete?

Mesocrystals - structure of sea urchin spines may enhance concrete performance.

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Concrete curing - this is what can happen if you don't do it properly!

Poorly cured concrete with porous surface

The effect on paste microstructure of poor concrete curing is shown, with an example illustrated with an SEM image.

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SEM introduction to scanning electron microscopy

Example of sem

SEM introduction - a brief overview of how the SEM and EDX systems work.

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Updating of website pages

This website is being updated so that the pages are mobile-friendly. While doing this, the sequence of blog pots in the list below has got a bit scrambled, with some older posts appearing near the top of the list. This will sort itself out in due course but meanwhile, just scroll down to search the list!

Alkali-silica reaction ( asr ) and glass

cracked glass tube

Brief experiment to show that cement paste reacts with glass in a form of asr.

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Books from Understanding Cement in India


Details of the Understanding Cement book distributor in India.

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