'Understanding Cement': a one-day intensive seminar

Our 'Understanding Cement' one-day seminar develops the themes of this web site to give more detailed information on real-world cementitious problems.

The content includes the basic information on this web site - some of the text here is taken from the handout which all delegates receive - and then builds on key topics, exploring them in more detail. After covering the essentials of the cement manufacturing process, the main focus is then on some of the most common subject areas that clients have brought to us over the years, particularly:

  • variations in clinker and cement mineralogy and their effects on setting and strength development
  • compositional, microstructural and environmental causes of colour changes in concrete
  • causes and effects of sulfate attack, alkali-silica reaction and other forms of chemical attack
  • nature and causes of efflorescence on concrete and masonry

The 'Understanding Cement' Seminar -
a higher level of Cement Understanding...

The emphasis is on composition and on microstructure of the cement itself and of concrete and masonry because a sound understanding of these two characteristics is the key to appreciating the causes of many cementitious problems, and consequently how to prevent them.

Above all, numerous images help to picture what is happening, both on a macro and a micro scale. 'Understanding Cement' has images from both optical and electron microscopy, which are reproduced in the handout.

The handout (200+ pages) is a resource for future reference, showing each of the Powerpoint slides plus printed notes to minimise note-taking.

    "Spot on, and just what I was looking for. There was a lot of detail crammed into one day (and) my understanding of cement has vastly improved. Thanks" - Neil Carr, UK Nirex

    "I enjoyed this very much - a rare day of important information, stimulatingcontent and aimed well at chemists/concreters/mineralogists and enthusiasts. Many thanks." - Adrian Ashby, Civil and Marine Slag Cement Co Ltd. Grays,UK

All this information develops a strong framework for investigating problems relating to concrete, masonry and other cementitious systems.

So who attends these 'Understanding Cement' events? The short answer is anyone with a professional interest in cement, concrete, mortar or other cementitious materials. Attendees have been cement manufacturers, civil engineers, precast concrete and concrete block producers, admixture producers, architects, consultants, petrographers, brick manufacturers and readymix concrete producers.

The tutor is Nick Winter of WHD Microanalysis Consultants Ltd. Nick has thirty-six years' experience of studying cement, cement clinker and concrete, first with Blue Circle Cement at their Research Division and then with WHD, who specialise in examining cementitious materials.

'Understanding Cement' events are of two types:

  1. 'Open' seminars, held several times a year in the UK in hotel conference rooms, for anyone with an interest in cement and concrete.
  2. 'On-demand' seminars anywhere worldwide (well, almost anywhere) for in-house events for individual organisations.

Cost: For 'Open Seminars' the cost is 280 UK pounds (+20% VAT for EU residents) per person; this includes coffees/teas and lunch.

Contact us for 'bulk discount' - three or more people from the same company booking at the same time. Contact us also for details of 'in-house' events if you would like to discuss arranging one just for your company.

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