Can you suggest an experiment for the Understanding Cement blog?

If you have a suggestion for an experiment/project for the Understanding Cement blog, I would love to hear from you! There is a form below where you can outline your suggestion, and/or add your support to the suggestions shown.

The form asks for your name and email address as I may need to contact you for more details about your suggestion.

The analytical techniques I have available in my lab are: optical microscopy (petrographic microscope-thin sections or polished sections); scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with X-ray microanalysis (EDX/EDAX/EDS); differential thermal analysis (DTA).

Other techniques are available but would have to be subcontracted to other laboratories who would need to be paid, eg: X-ray diffraction; wet chemical analysis; physical testing.

Experiments for publication on the blog and carried out entirely by me should ideally be relatively simple, short and of general interest, and capable of being carried out on my available equipment, eg: the limestone video experiment, or those listed on the form below.

Longer or more complex experiments in which the proposer has a particular interest, or those requiring other analytical techniques, could be considered but I may ask for some support from the proposer perhaps in the form of analytical services that the proposer can offer, materials or partial financial support. The results would also be published on the blog.

As an entirely separate category of experiments or research I can, of course, undertake commissioned work for clients. Indeed, this is my normal line of work. This would be fully funded by the client and subject to the normal rules of client confidentiality. Any such work would clearly not be published, except by the client.

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Thank You!

I shall be very grateful for any suggestions for experiments/projects you can offer - the more, the better, sensible and even wacky suggestions! - they will help me to ensure that the experiments are of interest to a wide range of blog readers who have a lot of different cementitious interests. (In the absence of suggestions, I will just do what interests me, but I'd much rather know the experiments had some wider appeal!)

Of course, I can't undertake to implement all suggestions as I have limited time and resources but it would be really great to have as many suggestions as possible.

Thanks again!