EN 197-1:2000 Cement Calculator

Introducing the Cement Calculator! Baffled by EN 197 cement compositions? Tired of scrabbling around after your hard copy of the Standard to check the suffix for a cement with siliceous flyash as the second main constituent, or maybe you've lost it altogether? Help is at hand... 

Balamohan Balakrishnan, of Holcim Malaysia, has written a "Cement Calculator" an Excel spreadsheet - his EN 197-1:2000 Calculator - into which you enter the cement constituents and it tells you the corresponding EN 197-1 designation. Just download it to somewhere convenient and you can check compositions at will, or use it as a training tool.

Balamohan has kindly made it available free to readers of the understanding-cement.com website and I am very grateful to him and to Holcim Malaysia. Of course, there is the usual disclaimer: it is supplied without any guarantee or warranty and you download it and use it it entirely at your own risk. Neither I nor Balamohan Balakrishnan, nor Holcim Malaysia, nor understanding-cement.com, nor WHD Microanalysis Consultants Ltd accept any responsibility for how it is used. For example, for any "mission-critical" work, you should, as always, check with the original Standard Specification. I draw your attention to the disclaimer on the first page of the spreadsheet, and also to the fact that the spreadsheet contains macros.

If you have any technical queries about using the Calculator, Balamohan's e-mail address is in the spreadsheet. Of course, I'd very much like to hear your comments on it - if you find it useful, or not, or whatever! Just use the 'Contact Form' on this website and tell me whatyou think.

Just follow the link below to download the calculator.

Download the Cement Calculator

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