New word suggestion page for inclusion in the Cement Glossary

We are always grateful for suggestions for new words for the glossary. Do accept our apologies if you could not find what you were searching for just now, but if you tell us what it was, we will do our best to include it in the next version of the glossary. (So long as it was cement-related, of course!)

Submissions for suggested new words may be made anonymously - just don't include your e-mail address.

However, we have found from experience that sometimes we need additional information about a word and if we don't know your e-mail address we can't contact you. It is up to you whether you provide your e-mail address or not. If you do, we will only use it to contact you about your submission. Either way, you will get a 'thank you' message in your browser window after you submit the word.

Very many thanks again!

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