Training resources for SEM/EDX
of cement and concrete

These resources - unique to "Understanding Cement" - are designed to help researchers become proficient in using SEM/EDX to study cement and concrete in as short a time as possible. Click on the images or links for more details.

Scanning electron microscopy of cement and concrete

This essential book covers the basics of using SEM/EDX to examine cement and concrete.

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Understanding Cement: the book

A relatively painless introduction to cement science in general and cement chemistry in particular. This book contains the assumed level of cement chemistry knowledge for readers of "Scanning Electron Microscopy of Cement and Concrete."

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Training materials

Cementitious materials for examination set in epoxy resin ready to polish.

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SEM/EDX of cement and concrete training

a) Standalone course with training materials and worked examples.
b) 1-1 training via internet using email and Skype.
c) Training on a 1-1 basis on site at your facility.

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